Lebanon to the 4th Dubai International Swimming Championships

Next month, precisely on the 22nd of April, Lebanon will be participating in the Dubai International Swimming Championships. Indeed, swimmers from the LSA are going there to raise our country’s name, under the supervision of coach George Yazbek.
Every swimmer will be participating in a minimum of 6 disciplines.

The LSA swimmers going to Dubai are:

  • Albert Minassian, 15 years
  • Weiss Al Hajj Hussein, 11 years
  • Simon Doueihi, 11 years
  • Christelle Doueihi, 16 years
  • Paloma Nannoni, 15 years
  • Gabriella Doueihi, 15 years
  • Yara Feghali, 12 years
  • Rebbecca Mezher, 12 years
  • Hiba Doueihi, 13 years
  • Christelle Feghali, 11 years


Best of luck!!