Lebanese young athlete’s death gives rise to a heart foundation

The 20 years old Lebanese athlete Remy Rebeiz died on March 2013 when his heart suddenly stopped due to an undiagnosed genetic heart condition known as Long QT Syndrome. The gene mutation, which was only discovered in 1991, the year before Remy’s birth, can cause cardiac arrest suddenly and without warning. Remy’s doctors and family says that a small device that costs 1500$ (electric device that gives shock to the stopped heart) could’ve saved his life.

Rebeiz was the founder of the Beirut football club and an active member in the football team of AUB. “He was passionate about competitive sports since he was 6 years old and never complained about anything” – His mother says.

The memory of Remy Rebeiz will last forever after launching the Remy Rebeiz Young Heart Foundation. The role of this foundation is to make automated external defibrillators compulsory in all public and private institutions, and to provide training on how to use them to as many people as possible, starting with students. It also aims to raise awareness about testing that could diagnose heart conditions in young people.