Lebanese Wushu Kung Fu XXL Holidays Championship

04 Jan. 2017 – The Lebanese Wushu Kung Fu Federation organized the XXL championship in Sanda for the holidays in Bouddha Club, Adma, with the support of Michel Abi Ramiya.

The competition started with our national anthem. Dr Georges Nseir, the president of the federation,  then emphasized the importance of sports activities for the youth as well as the importance of being disciplined and coping with defeat.

On the other hand, Silvio Chiha, who is the director of the activities in the Kung Fu Federation, announced that Jounieh will host a competition next month which will be confirmed later on by the municipality.

More than 70 players from 10 different Lebanese clubs took part in this competition. Chabibeh Club Chiyah came in first with 34 points, Shoalin Club came in second with 32 points and finally Al Hilal Tripoli finished 3rd with 26 points.

The results came as follow:


  1. Sara Ilali (Chabibeh Chiyah)
  2. Noujoum Issa (Chabibeh Chiyah)



18 years old:

  1. Carlos Ibrahim (Bel Horizon)
  2. Jad Saklaoui (Hilal Tripoli)
  3. Samir Zaini (Hilal Tripoli)


Category 60kg:

  1. Jean Pierre Ghosn (Chabibeh Chiyah)
  2. Mohamad Chamy (Hilal)
  3. Moustapha Cheikh Al Masri (Hilal)


Category 65kg:

  1. Alexandre Al Rassi (Bel Horizon)
  2. Ali Iyach (Chabibeh Chiyah)
  3. Anthony Kassouf (Chabibeh Chiyah)


Category 70kg:

  1. Abed Moussa (Shoalin)
  2. Abdelmalek Al Hussein (Hilal)
  3. Yehya Al Mallah (Hilal)


Category 75kg:

  1. Christophe Abi Khalil (Bel Horizon)
  2. Elie Bou Gebrayel (Chabibeh Chiyah)
  3. Georges Daou (Jamhour Al Riyadi)


Category 80kg:

  1. Jean Pierre Saad (Centrale Jounieh)
  2. James Issa (Louaize)
  3. Yasser Jaber (Shoalin)


Category 85kg:

  1. Bahzad Karam (Chabibeh Chiyah)
  2. Elie Mansour (Shoalin)
  3. Raoul Attar (Bel Horizon)


Category 90kg:

  1. Noel Hanin (Shoalin)
  2. Hussam Sadek (Hilal)
  3. Habib Chahine (General Security)


Category +90kg: 

  1. Georges Daibes (Chabibeh Chiyah)
  2. Mohamad Abdallah (Shoalin)
  3. Dani Asmar (General Security)