Lebanese Women Rugby NT to Participate in Emirates Airlines Dubai 7s!

13 Oct. 2016 – The women’s national rugby union team is participating in Emirates Airlines Dubai 7s rugby tournament which is the first stage of the HSBC world rugby tour.

They will be off from 30th November till the 4th of December. And the tournament will take place from the First of December till the 3rd. They will participate in the gulf category.

A women’s rugby try out took place for Orcas rugby team and AUB rugby league team to choose the national team by Orcas team coach Karim Jammal and AUB team coach Solomon Black.
The national team players chosen are:

  • Kay Bardawil
  • Manu Sadeck
  • Loubna Sasso
  • Zina Ibrahim
  • Aya Afyouni
  • Reem Bahsoun
  • Carla Badawi
  • Rania Abdallah
  • Maya Jannoun
  • Maya Mourad
  • Nour Shehimi
  • Rim Sinjabi (manager)

The team is currently training hard and preparing for the tournament. We wish them all the best!!