Lebanese Women Basketball 1st Division Championship round 5 results

03 Mar. 2016 – The 5th round of the Lebanese Women Basketball 1st Division League just ended and the 5th round of the men’s Lebanese Second division championship also finished with the following results:

1st Division women Lebanese Basketball League:

Homentmen Antelias defeated Hoops in 84 to 41 points while Chabeb Al Araby won over Muttahed in 72-32. Al Riyadi won over Antranik Beirut in 73-43 points.

[Chabibe vs Antranik – 2016 Lebanese Women Basketball League Pictures]

2nd Division men Lebanese Basketball League:

 Group 1: Amchit defeated Tebnin in a very close game that ended in 66 to 62 points. Feytroun won over Anwar in 77-69 and Chabibe Chiyah won over Saint Joseph Beit El Kikko in 53-46. The Lebanese Army defeated Hoops in 66-64 points.

Group 2: Central won over Antoura in 75-57, Animation Sports defeated Bejjeh in 109-47! Aamal Bikfaya defeated ENB in 61-56, and finally Mayrouba defeated Fida’ Sayda in 89-76 points.