Lebanese Volleyball League Final schedule!

20 Apr. 2015- The Lebanese Volleyball League Final schedule is announced by the federation. Zahra already reached the final but the second team is yet unknown as Anwar and Bouchrieh series end on Wednesday or Friday.

The final starts on Wednesday 29/04 and ends on the 10th of May in case 5 games were needed. Here’s the full schedule:

Zahra VS Bouchrieh/Anwar                    Wednesday 29/04       21:30          Mina
Bouchrieh/Anwar VS Zahra                    Friday 01/05                 21:30          Michel El Murr Stadium
Zahra VS Bouchrieh/Anwar                    Wednesday 06/05       21:30          Mina
Bouchrieh/Anwar VS Zahra                    Friday 08/05                21:30          Michel El Murr Stadium
Zahra VS Bouchrieh/Anwar                    Sunday 10/05               21:30          Mina

*Please note that the federation modified the final 4 game 4 & 5 as following:
Bouchrieh VS Anwar                 21:30                     Wednesday 22/04               Michel El Murr Stadium
Anwar VS Bouchrieh                 21:30                     Friday 24/04                        Michel El Murr Stadium