Lebanese Volleyball: 3 foreign players for next season

09 Dec. 2014- The Lebanese Volleyball General Assembly assured through the Lebanese Olympic Committee president and the Lebanese Volleyball Federation president Jean Hammam the good relations with the Lebanese volleyball clubs since 2008.

Hammam and during the general assembly meeting congratulate Mr. Mazen Koubeissy for being elected the president of the Arab sports schools federation. Mr. Hammam spotted on the big efforts that Mr. Koubeissy is doing to improve sports in schools, he also asked him to work on creating a successful  young volleyball generation.

On the other hand, the Lebanese volleyball president assured that this season will be played with 3 foreign players in order to give more chance to the little teams to compete.

Mr. Hamman also talked about the last successful season and the game level increase since the last disappointing participation to our national team in 2009 (as he described it). “In 2009 our national team participation in Dubai counting on Lebanese local players wasn’t successful, that’s why we have moved to attract high level players from outside Lebanon (Lebanese players that live outside Lebanon) and we’ve succeeded in building a team that was among the top 8 teams in Asia. ”  – Hammam Said. As for cancelling the Lebanese national team participation in the last Arab championship Mr. Hammam was clear by saying that the federation didn’t have the time to change some of the players nationality in the FIVA.

It is really weird to see a national team counting on the efforts of players from outside Lebanon, this might damage the game in our country as the Lebanese players will be less motivated to practice this game especially with a league played with 3 foreign players in every team. On the other hand we can’t neglect the interest of Mr. Hammam in improving the Lebanese volleyball, in showing the best image of Lebanese volleyball and in building a young generation that love sports.