Lebanese University Federation latest news and events

04 Feb. 2016 – The Lebanese Federation of Universities sports held its weekly meeting headed by lawyer Consul Nasri Nasri Lahoud and all members of the comity. Many decisions were taken during the meeting.

First, both Georges Nader, general secretary of the federation, and Zeina Mina, a member of the comity  were nominated to take part in the new elections of the Arab federation of universities sports that will be held in Dubai in March.

Second, the calendar of this season’s 2016 activities was announced and will be published this month.

Finally, the federation received an international  invitation to participate in the World Race Walking Championship that will be held in Hungary from July 30 until August 4.

And another invitation for the members concerned to participate in the meeting in preparation of the winter Universiade 2017 from 14 until 19 of September 2016. The winter Universiade games 2017 will be held in Almaty, Kazakhstan from January 29 until February 8 of 2017.