Lebanese Tennis: Kevin Chahoud – The rising legend?

Kevin Chahoud, a 13 year old Lebanese tennis player, is considered one of the best talents in the country.

Indeed, this young player, is not only dominating his age category in local tournaments, but is also participating with 18 years of age players and defeating them.

Kevin lives in Sweden, one of the best countries in teaching tennis, and has since returning to Lebanon, won 3 titles, 2 in the under 14 category, and 1 in the under 18. At the moment he is participating in the Delb tennis tournament ( under 14 category ) and will also take part in the Samaya and Safra Marine tournaments before returning to Sweden.

The Safra Marine is the club where he trains during his staying in Lebanon, and Falkenberg the club where he trains 5 times a week in Sweden. His ranking there is 2nd in the under 13 category, and he was chosen in the top 96 players there, with more than 9000 players present.

In 2014, Kevin won 4 tournaments in the under 14 category in Sweden, and has also participated in international tournament like Orange Pool, as well as helping Lebanon get to the first Asian Group, and helping the team in the Davis Cup.

His next tournament with the Lebanese national team is going to be the West Asian championship, and his target for the future is to win the world championship.

On his quest to glory, Kevin is not alone, since his father is also present at his side, supporting him, so that his talent doesn’t go to waste.

The question is: Is he the next Lebanese tennis legend?

We can see that Kevin have all what it takes to be a future legend, high level of training, talent, determination and hard work! But only the upcoming days can answer to the question..