Lebanese Tennis: Interview with Rising Star Michel Saade

There are many young Lebanese athletes, that people don’t get the chance to know more about due to the lack of information published about them. This is why, we decided to conduct an interview with rising tennis star Michel Saade, who has been one of the country’s best under 16 players for sometime now.

First, Michel is a 15 year old boy, who started playing tennis 5 years ago, with his grandfather. For 4 years, Micho has been improving with no coach. He used to practice on basic moves with his grandfather, and then started playing with him and his friends.

About a year ago, Micho became supervised by a coach, 2 coaches in his case, Nabil Sassine and Hussein BadderdineBut the young player never relied much on coaches, training once per week in winter season with coach Nabil, and improving by playing intensively with other people between tournaments and when he had free time.

Micho, till this day, has won around 7 tournaments and came second in about 9. But, according to him, the turning point in his career, was his participation with the under 16 national team in the Davis Cup, led by coach Hussein Badderdine. In this Davis cup, Saade was able to win 2 games, against Bangladesh and Vietnam, but the most important thing in his eyes was the experience he gained from the participation.

When asked about dealing with his studies and playing tennis, Micho’s answer was pretty simple. He studies until 8, then plays tennis until 10 or 10:30 in the night. Also, he added that his school has been supporting him all the way, helping him with in his studies whenever he was late due to tennis tournaments. Micho won 2 school tournaments and has a few years left to add more trophies for his school.

It is generally agreed that every professional player gets under pressure at some point in the game. For Micho, it is key to enter the game not being afraid, to cope with the pressure better. Saade believes in himself, and goes into every game with a winning attitude.

But, practicing tennis is not the only thing that can be done to get better. Indeed, for Micho, watching tennis games, of world class players can be very useful, since he can watch and assess many situations that happen, so when his turn comes, he will know what to do. This is a technique that coach Bob Bou Chahine taught him.

A bright future is awaiting Michel, if he keeps up the good effort and most importantly the good will, because it takes a lot of power will to endure a professional career. Best of luck Micho!