Lebanese Tennis – Interview with Karim Slaiby

9.Jan 2015 – During the ceremony organized by the tennis federation to honor the 2014 champions and national team players, we had the chance to interview one of the best under 14 players in Lebanon, Karim Slaiby!

Here is what Karim had to say about his season and future plans!

First of all Karim, how did your season go?

My season went pretty well. First I participated in the Davis Cup with the national team and we were able to qualify Lebanon to the final qualifiers stage. Then, I played many tournaments, won 4, and ended the season ranked number 1 among the under 14, and 2nd among the under 16.


Karim Slaiby with his trophies during the honoring ceremony!

How often do you train per week and is it enough in your opinion?

I train almost everyday, with Amer Naow and Thomas Wille. Fitness training is also on my menu, because it is very important to keep playing tennis. But of course I finish my studies before heading to practice, since my academic career is also extremely important.

Finally, what are your targets for the upcoming season?

In the upcoming season, I will try my best to finish first in the under 16 and under 18 categories, as well as participating in tournaments outside Lebanon.