Lebanese Taekwondo Delegation to the World Championships

12 Nov. 2016 – The Lebanese taekwondo delegation will represent Lebanon in the WTF World Taekwondo Junior Championships that will take place in Burnaby, Canada starting the 16th of November. In fact, 10 Lebanese athletes will be part of this huge event.

This event is held every two years and lasts for 5 days. Athletes from more than 80 countries compete for international glory, so the battle is nothing short of exciting. This edition will be the 11th of the championships and will undoubtedly reveal the next generation of taekwondo players to watch.

All athletes are between the ages of 14 and 17 years old and there is 10 weight categories for both males and females.

Each country is allowed to send one athlete per weight category with coaches and staff. After hard fought qualifications, the Lebanese taekwondo delegation is the following:

  • Head of delegation: Grand Master Aad Bassem
  • Secretary General: Master Harb Marc
  • Coaches: Master Basbous Cosette and Master Harb Ralph
  • Male -59kg: Kyrillos Charbel
  • Male -63kg: Faraj Hamzeh
  • Male -68kg: Saliba Elias
  • Male -73kg: Farah Josef
  • Male -78kg: Al Hosni Georgio
  • Female -46kg: Bou Habib Mariella
  • Female -49kg: El Haddad Anna
  • Female -52kg: Aoun Laetitia
  • Female -55kg: Dib Clara
  • Female -59kg: Aad Natacha

Our athletes have been training day and night to achieve great results in this competition. Our fingers are crossed and we hope they manage to finish on the podium. These young athletes will surely battle with every ounce of blood and sweat to have a medal around their neck. Best of luck to our youngsters, they are raising the Lebanese flag very high.