Lebanese Taekwondo League Round 2 – Golden Boys Keep on Shining

09 May. 2017 – On Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 7th of May, Mont La Salle Club Ain Saade hosted the second round of the Lebanese Taekwondo League.

As were are used to from these fighters, all brought their A games to take the lead and top that league table. In other words, those who had already won Round 1 could not sleep on their laurels, and those who were less fortunate had a chance at redemption.

Following a great amount of excitement and surprises, the results of the seniors category came as follows. Georges Nakhle got farther away in the lead as he won this round and the first round in the -54 category. In the -58 kg, his fellow MLS teammate Eric Melki retained his title. The -63 category saw a new winner in this round. Ramy Saleh grabbed the win in Round 2 while he had to settle for silver in the previous round. In the -68 category, Rayan Delbany continued to dominate and overcame his opponent Obaida Faraj who came as a close runner-up for the second time, and Rene Abou Halka settling for third. Nothing new in the -74 category as Leonardo Chaiban faced Marc Zainoun in the final and the former defeated the latter for the second consecutive time in the Lebanese Taekwondo League. The Moussally Brothers both stayed on top in the -80 and heavy weight categories with Tarek Moussally and Jad Moussally winning their categories respectively. Finally, the -87 saw Jad Maalouf take the lead again and getting closer to win the title in his weight categories.

With 2 rounds left, all options are still on the table so stay tuned!