Lebanese Table Tennis: Loyalty Festival for Al Imam Moussa Al Sader

03 Sep. 2015 – Under the supervision of the Lebanese Table Tennis Federation, Al Chabeb Al Riyady Club organized the Loyalty Festival for Al Imam Moussa Al Sader, an event that took place in the Sports Complex of the president Nabih BERRI, in Haret Sayda.

We should note the presence of Salim HAJJ-NICOLAS, the president of the Table Tennis Federation and member of the Lebanese Olympic Committee, Al Hajj Nagy HALLAL, member of the South Committee and members of the gouverning body of the organizing club, Al Chabeb Al Riyadi.

Eighteen players from six different clubs took part in this competition: Baraem Nabatiye, Ghadir, Jabchit, Sarafand, Maani Sayda and Al Chabeb Al Riyadi Haret Sayda.

In the final match, Ahmad HAMIYE, the very promising player, won the title by defeating Ahmad HARB in 3 sets to 2.