Lebanese Table Tennis: “Honoring the breeder Emile JABBOUR”

23 Jul. 2015 – The North Province Committee in the Lebanese Table Tennis Federation organized a sporting event entitled “Honoring the breeder Emile JABBOUR” for the veteran players (40+), who don’t belong to any federal club. The event was taking place in the Greek Club in Mina, Tripoli.

Gaby ARIDE, the chair of the committee, started by presenting Emile JABBOUR’s fruitful career in this sport and his contribution to the development of the sport through his great education skills.

Then, Ezzedine HADDAD thanked Emile in the name of the federation, for his sacrifices for the sport locally and on the Arab level through his administrative positions that he held and still holds now.

Emile JABBOUR finally thanked everyone who contributed in the success of the event insisting on always working together, hand in hand, for the sport in general and table tennis in particular.

Emile JABBOUR won the competition after defeating Diya’ ANTOINE in 3-1, while Antoine ACHKAR, the president of the Greek Club, shared the third place with Bassem HABLAS from Al Kalamoun club.