Lebanese Table Tennis Federation’s decisions

logo (ping pong federation)29 Jul. 2015 – The Lebanese Table Tennis Federation came out with some new decisions after their weekly meeting:

  • Reject the resignation of both Federation members, Michel RIZKALLAH and Georges KOPPALI and call them to resume their activities within the federation
  • Form a commission constituted of  the Vice president of the federation Ahmad ARAKJI, the general secretary Pierre HANI, the International Referee Camile MARAAB and give them a delay of 30 days to give the federation a detailed and attested report about the results of the final game between Nadwa Kamatiya Club and Al Liwa’ Sayda that was part of the men’s 1st division
  • Agree and be aware of the letter sent by Nadwa Kamatiya Club about the suspension of their player Hani TEMSAH until the end of the 2015 season for not playing at his level during the game which affected the result of the team.
  • Participation in the 15th Arab Cup for Individual and Doubles that will take place in Amman, Jordan from 13 to 19 August 2015.
  • Accept the membership of the two clubs, Cultural Sports Roum and MSA Hadath.
  • Accept that the Social Revival club organize the fourth edition of the Cup of the former president of the club Joseph CHAHINE, between 21 and 23 August 2015 at his ouwn court in Kanat, North Province.