Lebanese Table Tennis Delegation Off to Nicosia

18 Nov. 2016 – The Lebanese Table Tennis delegation is heading to the capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, to take part in the International Friendship championship for youth.

The championship starts tomorrow and ends on the 20th of November. Different countries are taking part in this tournament as well, like Russia, Greece and Norway.

Our Lebanese delegation is presided by Michel Rizkallah, Jaafar Moussa will be there as the head coach, and the U18 youth players are: Beirge Kokazian, Gahleb Fahes, Malak Khoury, Minerva Abdo and Clara Chelala. The U15 players are: Hassan Chabib, Saadeddine Al Habech, Leticia azar and Jennifer Khayat.

We wish them the best in this new experience!