Lebanese Table Tennis at the 28th Summer Universiade Gwangju 2015

17 Jul. 2015 – Ten table tennis players represented Lebanon at the 28th Universiade that was held in Gwangju, South Korea, from the 3rd of july to the 14th: Joseph AL AJAMI (USJ), Hicham AL TAWIL (MUBS), Habib ANTOUN (Antonins), Maysa BSAIBES (NDU), Elza DAOUD (USJ), Florianne EL MURR (Antonins), Hanim JOMAA (BAU), Nina MARKARIAN (LAU), Jaafar MOUSSA (LIU) and Ralph OBEID (USJ).

Lebanese Judo at the 28th Summer Universiade Gwangju 2015

Lebanese Tennis at the 28th Summer Universiade Gwangju 2015

Lebanese Badminton and Fencing at the 28th Summer Universiade Gwangju 2015

Lebanese Swimming at the 28th Summer Universiade Gwangju 2015

Lebanese Athletics at the 28th Summer Universiade Gwangju 2015

Lebanese Taekwondo at the 28th Summer Universiade Gwangju 2015

Joseph AL AJAMI (USJ) won his first match 3-2 against Aashish AWALE from Nepal, but lost his second match 3-0 against Brazil. Habib ANTOUN (Antonins) won his first match 3-0 against the Qatari player in 11-1 11-1 11-1! He then lost 3-0 againt Argentina in 11-7 11-8 11-7. Joseph and Habib joined forces in the men’s doubles but lost against the Australians 3-2 after delivering a great match (11-8 4-11 8-11 12-10 11-8).

4-habib antoun-universiade

Habib Antoun

Hicham AL TAWIL (MUBS) won his first two matches in 3-1 3-2 against Latvia and Sri Lanka, and lost the 1/32 Final match against the Russian Sadi ISMAILOV in 4-0. Jaafar MOUSSA (LIU) lost his two matches 3-1 3-0 against Sri Lanka and Agrentina, and then joined forces with Hicham in the men’s doubles where they faced New Zealand and lost in 3-1.

Ralph OBEID (USJ) lost his first match 3-0 against the Malisian, and won by walk over against the Polish Robert FLORAS. In the men’s team, every player had to face one player of the opponent; in their first match Hicham lost 3-0 against Marton SZITA from Hungary, Habib also lost 3-0 and Joseph lost 3-0 as well. In the end they lost 3-0 against Hungary. In the second match they won 3-0 against team Qatar where Hicham, Habib and Jaafar all won in 3-0. Their last match was against the Koreans where Ralph, Habib and Joseph lost 3-0.

“We need to train more, train everyday to get to their level. But in our case, our university programs are loaded not like the other players who take years to finish their studies and have time train on a daily basis and twice a day! This experience made me realize what I need to work on to raise my level and be able to succeed in this sport.” Said Ralph OBEID on their way back to Lebanon.

Maysa BSAIBES (NDU) won 3-2 in her first match against Ghana and then won 3-1 in her second match against Venezuela. But unfortunately she lost her third game in 3-2 against Mongolia. She then played the mixed doubles with Habib but they lost 3-0 against Sri Lanka (11-6 11-5 11-9).

Elza DAOUD (USJ) lost her first match in 3-0 against Japan, and won her second one by walk over against Aminata KAMARA from Sierra Leone. She then played the 1/32 final match against China and lost 4-0. She joined forces with Maysa in the women’s doubles but faced the Chinese team in their first match and lost 3-0 (11-2 11-5 11-4).

Florianne EL MURR (Antonins) lost her first match against Estonia 3-1 (7-11 11-8 11-3 11-4) but won her second one in 3-2 against Philippine (11-9 4-11 11-8 8-11 11-6). She finally lost her third match in 3-0 against Chile (11-5 11-7 11-1).

Hanim JOMAA (BAU) lost her three matches in 3-0, against Chile, Luxembourg and Malaysia. Nina MARKARIAN (LAU) also lost her three games in 3-0 against USA, Poland and Czech Republic. They all then joined forces for the women’s team; lost against Romania in 3-0 but won against the Philippines in 3-0. But they had to face both Japan and Chinese Taipei (1/8 Final Macth 38) the strongest teams and lost 3-0 in both matches. They were lucky to be chosen as the lucky losers to play the 1/8 final!

Our table tennis players will be competing against each others in the Summer Cup that will start on July 20 to July 25!