Lebanese Table Tennis – “Antoine Choueiry” Cup Final Results

The “Antoine Choueiry” table tennis cup, organized by the Lebanese table tennis federation at Mont La Salle, for the veterans who did not participate in any official tournaments this year, ended, and the results were as the following:

– 40+ Category:

Fadi Kassis won the title by defeating Camil Merheb 3-0 ( 11-6 11-4 11-6 ) in the final, while Sarkis Ohanissian and Fouad Mobayyed ended in 3rd place.

– 50+ Category:

Katchik Kokasian was able to grab the trophy, by overcoming Naji Chelala 3-0 ( 11-7 11-7 11-7 ) in the final. 3rd place was shared by Ghassan Mokawem and Elias Abou Rjeily.