Lebanese Swimming Cup 2015 Results

21 Dec. 2016 – The Lebanese Swimming Cup, organized by the Lebanese Swimming Federation took place in Jamhour on Saturday, December 19th, 2015.

The championship consisted of only two events: the 200m Freestyle and the 100m IM. Swimmers also requested records breaking events where Rebecca MEZHER improved her category record swimming the 50m breaststroke from 36.06 seconds to 35.79!

We should note that the Indoor swimming pool in Jamhour is 25 meters length, the Olympic Swimming pool’s length is 50 meters.

Lebanese Swimming Cup 2015 in Pictures

In the 200m Freestyle, Joseph NADER (LSA Mtayleb) won the Boys 8-9 category swimming the distance in 2:50.32. In the girl’s category, Sillouette ABDEL BAKI (Al Najah) swam an amazing 2:48:00 in the finals (2:44.00 seed time).

In the Boys 10-11, Marc SAADE (Safra Marine) clocked 2:34.86 in the 200m Freestyle to win his category while, in the girl’s category, Sara ABDEL BAKI (Al Najah) finished first in 2:31.44.

In the Boys 12-13 category, Simon DOUEIHI (LSA Mtayleb) won with 2:15.25 while his teammate Rebecca MEZHER won her category in 2:18.29.

In the Boys 14-15 category, Sacha ASSI (Al Jazira) won the finals in 2:00.83. Hiba DOUEIHI (LSA Mtayleb) won the girl’s event in 2:18.31.

In the 16-17 category, Anthony SAIBI (Jamhour) won the 200m Freestyle in 2:05.27 while Gabriella DOUEIHI (LSA Mtayleb) won the girl’s in 2:09.22.

In the Seniors category, Simon WANNA (Al Najah) won the men’s event in 1:56.10 while Mohamad BAGHDADI came in second in 1:57.58. This race was one of the most exciting! In the women’s Jenifer RIZKALLAH won in 2:13.98, after her comes Lynne DOUGHANNE with 2:24.83.

On the other hand, the boys 8-9 swam the 50m Backstroke and Ahmad SAFIA (4B) finished first in 39.92. In the girl’s, Sillouette ABDEL BAKI (Al Najah) won her category in 45.09 seconds.

Moreover, in the second event of the championship, the 100m IM: Alexandre FAKHRY (Jamhour) who is also on the track team of Jamhour, won the Boys 10-11 category in 1:20.32. Leticia HAMDOUN (Al Najah) won in 1:20.00.

In the Boys 12-13 category, Rayan KATRA (Mont La Salle) came first in 1:12.52, while Rebecca MEZHER (LSA Mtayleb) won the girl’s event in 1:12.04.

In the boys 14-15, Sacha ASSI (Al Jazira) won in 1:03.17, and Hiba DOUEIHI (LSA Mtayleb) won the girl’s category in 1:13.09!

In the boys 16-17 category, Anthony SAIBI (Jamhour) won in 1:05.36 and Gabriella DOUEIHI (LSA Mtayleb) came first in her category with 1:08.10.

Finally, in the men’s over 18, Simon WANNA (Al Najah) defeated Mohamad BAGHDADI (Al Jazira) in another very close race! The first clocked 1:01.90 while Mohamad clocked 1:03.46. We should note that Simon lives and trains in Sweden.

We conclude with Jennifer RIZKALLAH who won the Seniors women in 1:08.95 and Lynne DOUGHANNE who came in second place in 1:14.70. Women participating in the Seniors category are very few. We encourage every swimmer enthusiasts to take part in the swimming championships!