Lebanese Squash Championship Official Results!

16 Dec. 2016 – From November 28th and until December 9th, the Lebanese Squash Federation organized the Lebanese championship at Mont La Salle – Ain Saade, with Lebanon’s elite players participating.

All age categories were welcomed to the competition and all were eager to grab medals. Here are the official results in the finals:

Men A: Georges Khalil (Jamhour) defeated Karl Watout (Mont La Salle)
Men A Cross Squash: Karl Watout (Mont La Salle) defeated Georges Khalil (Jamhour)
Men B: Nabil Mekari (Corner) defeated Christopher Intaki (Mont La Salle)
Men B Cross Squash: Jason Karam (Mont La Salle) defeated Christopher Intaki (Mont La Salle)
Men C: Victor Hatoum (Mont La Salle) defeated Yves Asmar (Mont La Salle)
Veterans 40-44: Peter Bou Aoun (Central) defeated Naji El Hajj (Mont La Salle)
Veterans 45-49: Chukri Bechara (Mont La Salle) defeated Albert Tahchi (Mont La Salle)
Veterans 50-54: Fadi Fawaz (Mont La Salle) defeated Serge Tchoborian (Mont La Salle)
Veterans over 55: Moustafa Adelbi – 1st place (Mont La Salle)
Women Class A: Mona Sakr (Mont La Salle) defeated Pamela Jano (Mont La Salle)
Women Class B: Carine Nassar (Mont La Salle) defeated Lea Tabet (Mont La Salle)
Boys U19: Victor Hatoum (Mont La Salle) defeated Alexander Jabbour (Jamhour)
Boys U17: Christophe Hatoum (Mont La Salle) defeated Sam Fawaz (Mont La Salle)
Juniors U15: Nicolas Nassar (Jamhour) defeated Wajih Tayyar (Jamhour)
Juniors U13: Gilles Khairallah (Jamhour) defeated Joe Baaklini (Jamhour)
Girls U19: Joey Tahchi (Jamhour) defeated Carla Nassar (Mont La Salle)
Girls U17: Chloe Maalouli – 1st Place
Girls U13: Jennifer Abdallah – 1st Place
Girls U11: Donay Abdallah – 1st Place