Lebanese Sports – Road To Rio 2016!

10 Aug.2016 – Mona Shaito lost against one of the toughest opponents, Kiefer Lee from the United States. The match ended in 2 rounds with a score 15-3. Read more 

09 Aug. 2016 – Nacif Elias was disqualified due to an allegedly illegal move. The call could’t have been more wrong but this happens in sports! Read more

07 Aug. 2016 – Ray ended her 2016 Rio Olympic Games journey in 14th place overall! Read more

06 Aug. 2016 –  Ray Bassil: “Rio is different than London and I feel more ready than ever! Read more here

06 Aug. 2016 –  Mariana Sahakyan Loses Against Nigeria in a Very Close Game! Read more here

01 June. 2016 – Following his impressive results at the Asian championship in the  C1 category, the Lebanese federation was informed by the international federation that the Lebanese Canoeist Richard MERJAN was qualified to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games!

07 May. 2016- Another Lebanese athlete made it to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and this time in martial arts. Nacif ELIAS after his exceptional performance in 2016 will officially represent Lebanon at the world’s biggest sports festival.

14 Apr. 2016- Great news, table tennis player Mariana SAHAKYAN will represent Lebanon in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games after winning the olympic qualifications.

Mariana Sahakyan

Mariana Sahakyan in Hong Kong!

12 Apr. 2016 – Ray BASSIL is focused, determined and is surely very motivated. She will represent Lebanon at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games that will be held in Rio de Janeiro. The World Cup gold medalist has a very strong chance of winning the first ever Gold medal for Lebanon at the Olympic Games.

17 Jan. 2016 – Chirine NJEIM did it!! She is the first Lebanese to qualify for the Summer Olympic Games that will be held in Rio De Janeiro in August 2016 and the first ever to qualify for both winter and Summer Olympic Games!

Chirine NJEIM, 31, just set a new Marathon record after finishing the Houston Marathon in 2:44:14. She just entered history being one of the very few athletes in the world to take part in both the Summer and Winter Olympic Ganes.

01 Dec. 2015- Elias HEDARY is a Lebanese Taekwondo champion who aims to reach the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. HEDARAY was really close to take part in the 2012 Olympic Games, but a half point stood in front of his dream. Will he make it this time? This is what he had to say:


27 Nov. 2015- Mona SHAITO won a bronze medal in Ankara Tournament and closes in on 2016 Rio Olympic Games – Read More here

09 Nov. 2015- Ray BASSIL wins silver medal at the 2015 Asian Shooting Championship to qualify to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games (if the international shooting federation adopts the “Quota Place” system) – read more here

16 Oct. 2015- Chirine NJEIM is 4 minutes far from reaching the 2016 Rio Olympic Games! Read more here..

09 Oct. 2015 – Elias ABOU RACHID 20, the Lebanese champion in road and mountain bike, headed to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, accompanied by Cesar SALLOUM, to take part in the Olympics Test event in Mountain bike for Rio 2016.

05 Oct. 2015- Lebanese basketball national team failed to reach the 2016 Rio Olympic Games after securing the 5th place in the 2015 FIBA Asia! Hard Luck to our players and hard luck Lebanon.

23 Sep. 2015- Elias Semaan had to cancel his Rio 2016 preparations due to surgery! Read more here.

01 Sep. 2015- Meet Elias Abou Rachid! Elias is one of the best cyclists in Lebanon and he’s aiming to reach the 2016 Rio Olympic Games! Meet him and know more about his preparations in this short video below.


25 Aug. 2015- We met Aziza Sbeity during her training session to talk about her preparations to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games! Check out what Aziza and her coach Alice Keyrouz told us.

19 Aug. 2015-
Elias Abou Rachid added 18 points to his total points and closes to Rio! Find out more here.

18 Aug. 2015- We all know that we have a big chance to compete in Martial Arts at the Olympic games as our athletes proved to be one of the best in Asia. Michel Samaha is one of the talented and young taekwondo athletes, who are targeting Rio. Check out the below video to know more about Michel and how he’s preparing to the upcoming Olympic games.


01 Jun. 2015- Lebanese Basketball National team wins the 2015 WABA Championship to reach the Asian Cup! One step closer to Rio 2016.

Lebanese Basketball National team is 2015 WABA Champion!

29 May. 2015- The Lebanese Basketball national starts its journey to 2016 Rio Olympic Games today in WABA, Lebanon will face Iraq today at 5:00 P.M.
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On the 5th of August 2016, the 31st summer Olympic Games will begin in Rio (Brazil), with many athletes and national teams fighting their way in the qualifying stages to book a place at the world’s most prestigious sport event.

The Olympics take place only once every 4 years, which makes the path even harder. But, there is no doubt that it is every athlete’s dream to make it to the games, and the Lebanese athletes and national teams are determined to make the dream come true!

Therefore, in order to support these Lebanese athletes in their quest to Rio, we are going to establish a blog on our website! This blog will include all latest updates about the athletes preparations, qualifying games, problems they are going to face and requirements to solve them, and the blog will be updated as the journey moves forward.

Moreover, the blog will include a background about Lebanon’s history at the Olympic Games, and will be supported by articles and interviews with the athletes, federations…!