Lebanese Ski: The Lebanese Delegation Off to Andorra

01 Feb. 2017 – The Lebanese skiing delegation has left Lebanon direction Andorra, Europe. They left to participate in a competition for age categories in alpine skiing.

Mrs. Michelle Chaker was the head of this delegation and will be supervising the team abroad. The coaches who will be there with the team are Arnaud Rinion and Laura Pitois. As for the players, they are the following: Sarah Zaidan, Elissa Georges, Louise Mkattaf, Maria Abou Jaoudeh and Lea Kikanou for the women. The men’s team on the other hand is the following: Lukas Keyrouz, Taymour Richani, Georges Samaha, Ziad Chehab and Yan Nahhas.

The Lebanese players will be competing against a bunch of European skiers. They will take part in the events of Slalom, Giant Slalom and Super Giant Slalom.

A number of meetings will be held on the side of the competition, between the heads of the different delegations, and that, in order to reinforce their relationship with the Lebanese Ski Federation.