Lebanese School Championship Antoine Chartier’s Cup week 2 results

17 Dec. 2015 – The 7th Lebanese Basketball School championship “Antoine Chartier’s Cup” organized by Sports Evasion in collaboration with Rizkallah ZALOUM continues with the participation of 12 different schools divided into three groups.

In the second week of the championship, Notre Dame Loueize won over Mont La Salle in 70 to 55 points, while, on the other hand, Centrale defeated Jesus and Mary school in 63 to 35!

Moreover, Notre Dame de Jamhour won over Sagesse Brazilia in 59-49, and Antonins Ghazir defeated Lycee de Ville in 65-56.

The Schedule of the 3rd week of this championship comes as follow: Saturday, December 19 in Sacre Coeur – Kfarhbab

  • at 12:00 Mont La Salle vs Sacre Coeur
  • at 13:00 Champville vs Antonins Ghazir
  • at 15:00 Saint Joseph School vs Centrale
  • at 16:30 Staint Joseph Aintoura vs Sagesse Brazilia