Lebanese National Team Results during the 2nd Annual Arab Rugby Sevens

27 Oct. 2016 – The Lebanese Rugby Union national team flew to Morocco, to take part in the 2nd Annual Arab Rugby Sevens Cup.

The Lebanese team, Phoenix, won two games against Algeria. One ended  31-19 points while the second ended 35-0 for Lebanon.

They secured the fourth place after losing two games, the first against Tunisia and the second against Morocco.

The national team‘s line-up was the following: Karim Jammal, Robin Hachache, Jad El Hachem, Ray Sabat, Walid Yassine, Mounir Finan, Joseph Touma, Raymond Asfour, Hazem Tawil, Ibrahim Ballout, Thomas Saliba as well as Jason Sakr. Coach Taff (Michael Bamsey) accompanied them as well as physio Joao Carlos.