Lebanese National Rugby Team to Morocco

14 Oct. 2016 – The Lebanese national rugby team is off to Morocco to participate in the 2nd Annual Arab 7s cup.

This tournament is a big opportunity for the team to play against foreign teams as they will be facing Algeria, Tunisia, UAE, Morroco and Egypt as well as Libya. The tournament is set to begin on the 21st of October and will come to and end a day later, on the 22nd of October. However, the Phoenix team will be flying to Morocco on Tuesday the 18th of October, 3 days before the competition begins.

The national team‘s line up is the following: Karim Jammal, Robin Hachache, Jad El Hachem, Ray Sabet, Walid Yassine, Mounir Finan, Joseph Touma, Raymond Asfour, Hazem Tawil, Ibrahim Ballout, Thomas Saliba as well as Jason Sakr. Coach Taff (Michael Bamsey) will accompany them as well as physio Joao Carlos.

Best of luck to the Lebanese national rugby team.