Lebanese Futsal – Round 12 Preview

On Friday October 17, the 12th round of the Lebanese futsal league, which is also the first round of the second leg, is going to kick off with 2 games at 7:30, the first between Mayadeen and Choueifat at the Sadd stadium, and the second match between USJ and the Lebanese army at the university of Saint Joseph court.

Chouiefat is currently in 5th place, and can impose a hard challenge on Mayadeen, who on the other hand, is looking to stay 3 points clear from the army in second place, and 3 points away from Bank of Beirut to keep the pressure on the leaders.

The Lebanese army meanwhile, will be visiting USJ, away from home, in what will definitely be a tricky challenge on the army, since USJ is well known to be one of the toughest on its court.

On the other hand, the league leaders, BoB, are also going to be playing on Friday, at 8:30 P.M at Emile Lahoud stadium, in a tough game against AUST. In the first leg, Bank of Beirut suffered to overcome AUST, who proved to be a worthy opponent, so this time, the leaders are going to be careful, because one misstep and they are back on the same level with Mayadeen.

The 2 remaining games, will be on Saturday, with Kalamoun facing Ghobeiri at Emile Lahoud stadium, and Gunners Lebanon playing against Tripoli at the Sadd stadium. The first game will be at 6:30 P.M and the second one at 7:30 P.M .

Moreover, the Lebanese under 18 futsal league, will start at the end of this week, with all games bound to be played at the Ghobeiri municipality stadium, in what is considered a great move to help young players develop their skills and gain experience. It is going to be the first ever under 18 league, and the participating teams are: Al Rabih, Liberty Saida, Aamal Bikfaya, Tamnin Tahta, Ghobeiri municipality, Elite, USJ, Mayadeen, Gunners Lebanon and Ahly Saida.