Lebanese Futsal National Team defeats Iraq in 4-2!

20 Jan. 2016 – Our Lebanese Futsal National team won over the Iraqi team in 4-2 in their second amity game! Our team is preparing for the Asian Cup that will be held in Uzbekistan starting on February 10! The Asian Cup is included in the World Cup Qualifications – Colombia 2016.

In the amity match against Iraq, Kamel ELIAS and Hassan ZEITOUN were able to score one goal each for Lebanon while Ali TNEICH scored two goals in Iraq! On the other hand, Hassan JABBAR and Hassan ALI DAKHIL scored each one a goal for Iraq.

Lebanon won over Iraq in 2-0 last Sunday, but this time, our team played even better and showed that they are ready to go to the Asian Cup! In the first half, the Lebanese defence didn’t allow the Iraqi offence to even shoot towards our goal! Our offensive play also paid off with a decisive assist from Moustapha RAHIM to Kamel ELIAS to score the first goal and then Ali TNEICH scored the second after crossing the Iraqi defence alone.

Our goalkeeper Ghady AKL played amazingly well and was able to block a penalty from Ali DAKHIL! Our great team play gave us a third goal after a great pass from Mohamad KBEISI to Hassan ZEITOUN!

The only bad impression was noticed at the end of the game when the Iraqi players scored two goals in the last 13 seconds of the game!

Our National team is now heading to Hungary to play against their national team at the end of this week, hoping that they will keep this high level that resulted with 9 consecutive wins!

Our National team is formed by the following players: The goalkeepers Hussein HAMDANI and Ghady AKL, and the players Ahmad KHEIREDDIN, Hassan ZEINTOUN, Mohamad KOBEISI, Ali AL HOMSI, Ali TNEICH, Kamal ELIAS, Ali DAHER, Moustapha ROUHAYEM, Moustapha SERHAN and Kassem KOUSSAN.

We wish them all the luck in their upcoming matches!