Lebanese Futsal: List of Sanctions Against Freedom Saida

02 Mar. 2015- Following the disastrous incidents at the end of the game between Gunners Lebanon and Freedom Saida, the Lebanese futsal federation decided to impose sanctions on Freedom Saida.

Here are the many sanctions that were imposed on the club following the horrible events that happened:

– Consider the game’s final result 2-0 in favor of Gunners Lebanon.

– Impose a 10 million Lebanese pounds fine on Freedom Saida.

– Freedom Saida are to pay for the medical fees of the Gunners players.

– Egyptian players Ali Saaad Ibrahim and Ahmad Hallawi are to be crossed from the federation records and will be denied any sport activity.

– The investigation to find the remaining culprits will be resumed.

– Move all of Freedom Saida’s games to Emile Lahoud stadium until the end of 2015-2016 season, and no fans will be allowed.

– Until Freedom Saida pay the fine, the club will be denied participation in games.

– A lawsuit will be filed against the person who used a sharp instrument.