Lebanese Futsal League – Zaitoun: “Tripoli Will Balance the Books”

17 Feb. 2017 – In the Lebanese Futsal League, Zaitoun said that Tripoli Fayhaa will not concede another loss, while Ghady Abi Akl assured that Achrafieh Youth Club will end the series 2-0.

Zaitoun, Tripoli Fayhaa’s star player, emphasized the home court advantage saying: “We will be playing at home between our fans and our team won’t accept anything but the win.” He also added, “The absence of Kassem Kaswan undoubtedly affects the team, but the spirit is at its best and the chemistry between players is better than ever.” Zaitoun promised the fans of Tripoli Fayhaa to grab the win, thus equalizing the series 1-1. He continued that they would win this face-off then win the third and final game of the series to advance to the semi finals.

From his side, Ghady Abi Akl, AYC’s goalkeeper, said that the second game against Tripoli won’t be easy at all to say the least especially that the latter were playing at home. However, the goalkeeper said that they didn’t intend on losing the game and that the would double its efforts to end the series 2-0. Abi Akl said: “The Northern team is very hard to beat when playing on their home court, this has also added two new imports from the Colombian national team giving them an even sharper edge. Nonetheless, we will try to contain and tame them as much as possible and we will try to score the first goal to frustrate them.”

In response to this comment Zaintoun said that he would keep a clean sheet and would be on the lookout for anyone who tries to get past him.

When talking about his team, Abi Akl said, “The team is training twice a day and we are all one heart united. Our starting line-up can win the game despite playing in Tripoli. This fact doesn’t mean that we cannot cope with our opponent. We will end it in Tripoli and we will hopefully make it to the Final 4.”

The second game of this series will take place on Tuesday the 21st of February.

Article by: Ghina Chehwan