Lebanese Futsal League – Round 14 Preview

23 Dec. 2016 – The 14th round of the Lebanese Futsal League kicks off today with 3 games taking place on Friday the 23rd of December 2016. With Bank of Beirut far away in the lead, the battle between the rest of the teams promises to be tough.

The most anticipated game is probably the one opposing Ashrafiyeh Youth Club to Bank of Beirut in the Emile Lahoud Stadium. Bank of Beirut are currently leading the league and are yet to lose a game. However, it doesn’t seem that they are willing to drop any points at all. The team will want to keep its undefeated streak alive. In addition, their opponents AYC, currently third in the league table, will exert countless efforts to keep BoB from grabbing the win after their huge 6-1 defeat in the first leg.

A second game that is just as important as this one will oppose the Lebanese Army to Sayda Freedom also in the Emile Lahoud Stadium. 2nd in the league table, the Lebanese army have to their tally 7 wins and a single draw. They are the second best offense right after Bank of Beirut but the 4th worse defense. A matter to worry about since they are fierce contenders in the race for the title. As for Sayda, they haven’t been consistent showing different levels of play throughout the championship. They are currently 5th with 15 points but what plays in their favor is the fact that they had won this one-on-one face off against the army in the first leg 7-4.

In the third game, Tripoli Fayhaa will host on their home turf South Sporitng. Tripoli won’t settle for anything less than a win as every point is precious in the league. With a home court advantage, Tripoli are set to deliver an outstanding performance. They are currently in the 7th position with 14 points. They had won this face to face confrontation in the first leg 5-4.

Finally, the last game of this round will oppose Club 1875 (USJ) 6th place holder, to Choueifat, ranked 4th in the league. The game will take place in the university’s court on Saturday. If Club 1875 were to win the game, they will end up with the exact same number of points as their opponents. However, if the opposite happens and Choueifat win, they will strengthen their position in 4th, and ensure a place among the top 4 teams. They would thus still be in a position to compete for the title.

Article by: Ghina Chehwan