Lebanese Futsal League – Round 10 Results

Round 10 of the Lebanese futsal league ended in no surprises, with the top 3 teams all winning their games and with no big changes whatsoever in the standings.

Indeed, Bank of Beirut, were able to stay on top of the league, 3 points clear from the Lebanese Army and Mayadeen, by defeating Tripoli away from home 4-1.

Mayadeen meanwhile, were able to largely defeat Gunners Lebanon 7-2, while the Lebanese Army was able to defeat Al Rabih, the team in the last place, 14-0.

Moreover, USJ were able to see off Kalamoun at home, by grabbing a 3-1 win, while AUST ended its losing streak by defeating Ghobeiri 8-3 away from home.

Here are the current standings of the league:

01. Bank of Beirut
02. Mayadeen
03. Lebanese Army
04. Tripoli
05. Choueifat
06. USJ
07. AUST
08. Gunners Lebanon
09. Ghobeiri Municipality
10. Kalamoun
11. Al Rabih