Lebanese Futsal League : Final 8 Second Game Preview

17 Feb. 2017 – In the Final 8 of the Lebanese Futsal League, Bank of Beirut, AYC, the Army along with Choueifat lead each of their respective series.

Even if Tripoli Fayhaa, Freedom Sayda, South Sporting and USJ trail behind them, the competition is far from over. While Bank of Beirut’s and the Army’s qualification seems easily guaranteed, the task for Choueifat will be much harder. In fact, if both teams were to deliver the same performance they as they did in game 1, the mission won’t be easy on either team. However, Choueifat could have more than one trick up their sleeves that could bitterly end Club 1875’s dream of continuing their journey in the League.

As for the game opposing Tripoli Fayhaa to AYC, well the smell of revenge arises from the Northern stadium that will host the much anticipated game. AYC visit Tripoli with the intention of ending the series and advancing to the semi finals without having to play another 3rd game. On the other hand, Tripoli are bent on imposing a third game by winning this one on their home court.

The schedule of the second game in each series in the following:

  • South Sporting vs The Army on Saturday 18-02-2017 at 6.00 PM
  • Freedom Sayda vs Bank of Beirut on Sunday 19-02-2017 at 6.00 PM
  • Club 1875 (USJ) vs Choueifat on Monday 20-02-2017 at 7.15 PM
  • Tripoli Fayhaa vs Achrafieh Youth Club on Tuesday 21-02-2017 at 8.30 PM


Article by: Ghina Chehwan