Lebanese Futsal League – Bank of Beirut Get the Best of the Army

19 Mar. 2017 – The final of the Lebanese Futsal League has finally come, and it is Bank of Beirut against the Army.

A clash of the titans between these two teams who have both proven to be very tough to beat this season. With BoB leader of the regular season, and the Army close seconds not very far behind, this series promised to be a very close one. In fact, all eyes were on these two teams in game one, which ended 5-1 in favor of  the Bank’s team.

The Army missed a lot of chances, but went into the break with a 1-0 lead. However, they were unable to maintain their edge and BoB scored 5 consecutive goals in the second half ending the game 5-1.

The 2 remaining games promise to be very exciting. Stay tuned for the results.