Lebanese Futsal League: Al Maydeen wins to tie the final series 1-1

20 Jan. 2015- The Lebanese Futsal League final series is now a 1-1 tie! Bank Of Beirut received their first loss this season after overtime in Mayadeen home court tonight 4-7.

The 2 teams were so close from the beginning of the game, Bank Of Beirut players could not be at their best after getting into foul trouble early in the first half. Al Mayadeen took advantage of the situation to finish it 1-1.

Al Mayadeen entered the second half determined to win, and the players successfully scored a goal to lead the game 2-1. The Lebanese champions refused to give up and scored an equalizer, so it ended 2-2 at full time.

Overtime was needed to announce a winner for this game. Al Mayadeen dominated the overtime scoring 5 goals as Bank of Beirut were struggling and failed to stop Al Mayadeen players from scoring.

2 great goals were scored in the overtime. Alee Sisi for Bank Of Beirut was able to score using his back after jumping in front of Mayadeen’s goal keeper while shooting, while Al Maydeen’s goalkeeper scored a goal from his own goal zone.

The series is now tied and we are expecting a more competitive final! Who will win the next game? Can’t wait to find out!