Lebanese Futsal Final – How did Mayadeen Blow Away a Second Advantage in the Series?

07 April. 2016 – After losing home court advantage in the first game against Bank of Beirut with a 4-8 loss, Mayadeen went into the second game at Emile Lahoud Stadium hoping for a win to bring the series to equal terms!

At first, things did not seem very well as Bank of Beirut scored the opening goal, but then,  luck finally turned towards Mayadeen. Indeed, BoB’s Lebanese star Ali Tneish picked up another yellow card in the series which prompted a ban on the next game! But then, Bank of Beirut did not let this get to their heads and scored another goal, before Mayadeen responded with 2 to level the score.

Towards the end of regular time, the game seemed headed towards extra time, with Mayadeen trying hard to get the win in order to gain back home court advantage and play the third game with their opponent’s star out. But, Bank of Beirut had a different opinion, scored a third goal 4 minutes from the end and then took advantage of a Mayadeen’s power play to counter attack, score a 4th goal and win 4-2!

There is no doubt missing Ali Tneish will hurt BoB in the third game away from home, but the scary thing is the 2-0 lead in the series which is a double edged sword! Indeed, it will either give the team enough confidence to end the series or it will make the players take things easily which can allow Mayadeen to bounce back in the series and build on the momentum!

To conclude, Mayadeen failed so far to take advantage from home court advantage and from the absence of Ali Tneish, but with the talent present in the team, bouncing back from a 2-0 deficit is possible!