Lebanese Futsal Cup Results: Bank of Beirut vs. Tripoli Fayhaa

05 Feb. 2017 – In the Lebanese Futsal Cup, Bank of Beirut went up against Tripoli Fayhaa in game where the bank’s team stole the spotlight.

The game kicked off with BoB showing their domination and imposing their style of play and pace. They continued to reveal the strong identity that we’re used to from them. With the great determination of their roster, they were able to keep the ball possession and end the first half with a clean sheet. The score of the first half was 6-0. Their foreigner Dragan Tomic grabbed the attention of all.

In the second half, Tripoli Fayhaa delivered an amazing performance, netting 4 goals in 5 minutes. However, despite this great comeback, they could not tame the opposite team. BoB reacted positively and ended the game in their favor 9-5.