Lebanese Futsal League – Final 8 Preview

10 Feb. 2017 – The Lebanese Futsal League’s final 8 is set to start tomorrow, February 11th, with the series between Achrafieh Youth Club & Tripoli Fayha being with no doubt the strongest!

But, let’s start the analysis with Bank of Beirut first. The regular season champions are coming into the playoffs full of confidence, with a strong squad and stable results throughout the season. Their series against Freedom Saida should be no trouble at all, despite the fact that the Southern team was the dark horse this year. BoB added Dragan Tomic, a Serbian player who once participated with Mayadeen in the Asian Championship and has a play style very similar to that of Iran’s Mehdi Javid.

The second series in the final 8 will be between 2nd placed Lebanese Army & 7th placed South Sporting. This season, and with coach Rabih Abi Chaaya leaving the team, the Lebanese Army’s performance declined although they managed to remain in the top 3. On the other hand, South Sporting’s goal was to stay in the first division and they were able to accomplish it.  The Army are clear favorites in this one as they have the talent and experience.

As for the most exciting and toughest series in the final 8, then it is no doubt that of AYC vs Tripoli Fayhaa. Described as an early final, both teams will battle their hearts out to cement a place in the semis. Tripoli boosted by their Colombian duo spearheaded by Angelot Caro who brought the title to Mayadeen last year, and Achrafieh who recently added Vladimir Lasic to pair him with Rodolpho Da Costa are going to give the fans an unforgettable series! It is pretty hard to determine who will emerge victorious as both teams have almost equal chances.

The 4th and final series will see 5th placed Choueifat take on 6th placed Club 1875. Both teams have been very close all season long and will surely find it tough to see each other off.

Here is the schedule of game 1 in each series:

  • Saturday February 11th, Lebanese Army vs South Sporting at 4:00 P.M in Emile Lahoud Stadium
  • Sunday February 12th, Achrafieh Youth Club vs Tripoli Fayha at 4:00 P.M in Emile Lahoud Stadium
  • Sunday February 12th, Bank of Beirut vs Freedom Saida at 6:00 P.M in Emile Lahoud Stadium
  • Tuesday February 14th, Choueifat vs Club 1875 at 8:30 P.M in Sadaka Stadium