Lebanese Futsal Championship: A dawn of the greatest final

27 Jan. 2015- Bank Of Beirut entered the Lebanese Futsal Championship this year with sites on an easy victory and therefore securing their first back to back title but what seem to be a walk in the park for BoB turned out to be a walk between the coilers.
Newly created futsal team Al Mayadeen headed by the very talented Karim Abou Zeid and captain Kassem Kawsan challenged BoB during the regular season finished second and made their way to the semi final.

After witnessing the potential of the team Al Maydeen’s administration fenced the opportunity to challenge for the title and signed arguably the best futsal player that we’ve seen on the Lebanese courts Colombia’s captain Angellot Karo. The signing of Karo proved to be a great game changer, Karo head Al Mayadeen to beat Army and reach the final.

The title of the final series has shifted from; “how many game does BoB needs to win the title?to “Will angellot lead Al Mayadeen to create the big upset?


The final


The series started as expected with a clear dominance for the better-prepared team, BOB. The reigning champion’s strong performance gave them an easy win over Al Mayadeen 4-1 in the first game of the series. Everybody thought that the reigning champion will secure a second easy title but everything has changed in the second game! BoB received their first loss in the championship 4-7, Al Mayadeen players led by the Colombian player Angellot scored 7 goals after extra time taking advantage of BoB’s weak defense.

Nothing have changed in the 3rd game, Bank Of Beirut couldn’t find a solution for their weak defense, Al Mayadeen’s players Karim Abou Zeid, Angellot and Hussein Zeitoun took advantage of the situation and led their team to secure a second win in the series in penalty shootout. That win put Bank Of Beirut under a big pressure and mistakes were no longer accepted. BoB’s experience was a main factor that helped the team win the 4th game of the series 4-2.

Today is the last game of the championship, Bank Of Beirut owns the home court advantage but Al Mayadeen showed their abilities of performing outside their own court. Don’t miss the game, It is expected to be one of the best futsal games ever!

The level of the final games officiating


Over the course of 4 games it has been very clear that the Jordanian referees selected for the game are below the average required. Lebanese officials have proved through out the years that they are fully capable of leading the Lebanese Futsal Championship including the playoffs and final and even while committing mistakes it is well accepted as a part of their development program.

The Jordanian have been committing very big mistakes during the first 4 games of the final due to their lack of strong character every game is transforming to became very physical, something which is not a trade of a “Futsal Games”. All 4 games have witnessed very though fouls something, which is not very common on the international scene