Lebanese Football team Faced Kyrgyzstan in a Friendly Game

07 Oct. 2016 – Our Football National team faced Kyrgyzstan in an international friendly game that took place in Bishkek, in the presence of 6500 spectator. The game is a preparation for the Asian Cup Qualifications that will be held in UAE in 2019.

The two teams weren’t able to score any goal. Our team couldn’t benefit from the advantage of playing against 10 players from their opponents after a red card was given to one of their players.

Despite the improvement of the Lebanese attitude on the field, the opponent picked up the attacks in the second half but our great goal keeper Mahdi Khalil did an amazing job by blocking all the shots on our goal.

The Lebanese team was represented by the following players: Mahdi Khalil, Mutazbellah Al Jundi, Nour Mansour, Serge Said (Omar Al Kerdi), Hilal Al Helwa (Mahmoud Kajak), Mohamad Haidar (Hassan Al Mohamad), Haytham Fahour, Adnan Haidar, Walid Ismail, Ali Hamam, Rabih Ataya (Ahmad Jaloul).

The technical director of our National team Miodrag Radulovic did some replacements and insisted on the attack in order to score but he finally said that the game was an opportunity to make some adjustments and correct the mistakes in order to to repeat them in the upcoming games.

He also added that the player are improving throughout the games and that the target is to be ready for the official games. He finally said that all the efforts are put for this target.

The National team is coming back home tonight. They will play another game in Tuesday against Equatorial Guinea in Sports City, Beirut.

Wishing them all the best.