Lebanese Football NT Taking Games Step by Step!

20 Feb. 2017 – The Lebanese football national team head coach, Miodrag Radulovic, has decided on a new approach for the third round of the UAE 2019 Asian Championship Qualifiers.

Starting March 28th, the qualifiers will begin and are set to be played over the course of a full year.

According to coach Radulovic, each game will be a different story and that’s the mindset he wants to implement in training sessions.

The draw had placed Lebanon in the second group, alongside North Korea, Hong Kong and Malaysia, with our first game being a home one against Hong Kong.

Preparations will kick off on March 9th and then the called players will enroll in an internal training camp starting March 20th in order to be ready for game number 1.

The whole coaching staff is satisfied with how things are going so far, with success looming above our national team with such intense and planned preparations.