Lebanese Football National team in training camp with Radulović

12 Jan. 2016 -The Lebanese Football National team are now haveing a training camp that will last until January 13th in preparation for their amity match against Bahrain on February 5th in Manama and then against Uzbekistan on February 14th in Dubai.

25 Players Called to Take Part in the Lebanese Football NT Training Camp!

These two games are part of the preparation for the game against South Korea and Myanmar that will be held on the 24th and 29th of March 2016, of the Qualifications for the World Cup in 2018 and Asian Championship in 2019.

The team started their training camp with a warm up followed by some drills and passes before doing some attacks and tactics and ending the session with penalty shooting.

The technical director of the team, the Montenegro Miodrag Radulović, welcomed the players and wished them a year full of great achievements, success and peace. He then announced that each and every training camp and match must be seen as an opportunity that they should profit from especially the new-comers.

“Make sure to always give your best to save your position and standards,” added Radulović.

He then affirmed that he and his assistant will do their best to support every player who will prove his worth and who acts in a very disciplined way on and off the field. He also added that the focus will be on the chosen local players to develop their talent and get them ready to face Bahrain and Uzbekistan.

The team is training in Bikr Al Hassan stadium and at the end of the training camp, they will have to play against each others.