Lebanese Football League – Round 20 Schedule

10 Mar. 2017 – The 20th round of the Lebanese football league will kick off on March 17th, with Ansar vs Salam Zgharta set to open the round.

Although it is now tough for anyone to dethrone Ahed at this point of the season, Al Nejmeh now remain the closest competitors with 5 points difference.

Here is the full schedule of the round:

  • Friday March 17th, Salam Zgharta vs Ansar at 3:30 P.M
  • Saturday March 18th, Tadamon Tyr vs Chabab Al Sahel at 2:15 P.M
  • Saturday March 18th, Nabi Sheet vs Nejmeh at 3:30 P.M
  • Sunday March 19th, Racing vs Tripoli at 2:15 P.M
  • Sunday March 19th, Egtymai Tripoli vs Akhaa Ahly at 2:15 P.M
  • Sunday March 19th, Safa vs Ahed at 3:30 P.M