Lebanese Football League – Round 13 Schedule!

19 Jan. 2017 – The competition in the Lebanese football league is raging, With Ansar & Ahed left with the same number of points at the end of round 12. Each has 24 points, with Safa and Salam Zgharta close by with 21.

Round 13 is starting on Friday January 20th and here’s the schedule:

  • Friday January 20th:

Safa vs Chabab El Sahel at 2:30 P.M

  • Saturday January 21st:

Ahed vs Tripoli at 2:30 P.M
Racing vs Nabi Sheet at 2:30 P.M

  • Sunday January 22nd:

Akhaa Egtymaei vs Ansar at 2:30 P.M
Salam Zgharta vs Tadamon Sour at 2:30 P.M
Nejmeh vs Egtymaei Tripoli at 2:30 P.M