Lebanese Football League – Round 13 Results

25 Jan. 2017 – With the 14th round of the Lebanese football league bound to start on Friday, January 27th, let’s take a look back at round 13’s results.

Ansar, and after a heavy loss against Akhaa Ahly, lost their 1st place as they were tied with Ahed on 24 points. Now, they sit in second, 3 points behind the leaders.

Moreover, Al Safa, and with their latest win against Chabab Al Sahel have equaled Ansar’s number of points.

Here are all the results from round 13:

  • Safa 1-0 Chabab Al Sahel
  • Racing 2-2 Nabi Sheet
  • Ahed 3-1 Tripoli
  • Salam Zgharta 0-1 Tadamon Sour
  • Nejmeh 3-0 Egtymai Tripoli
  • Akhaa Ahly 5-1 Ansar