Lebanese Football League: Chabeb Al Ghazieh grabs the lead after round 2

The 2nd round of the Lebanese football league came to an end, with 4 wins and 2 draw. The teams scored 22 goals in this round as the referees gave a total of 30 yellow cards and 4 red cards.

Chabeb Al Ghazieh grabs the lead without dropping any point so far as Ahed, Ansar and Racing are sharing the second spot with 4 points. On the other hand Nejmeh struggled to grab their first point after scoring a controversial late equalizer against Tadamon Sour.

Here are the results of the 2nd round:

Ahed  1-1 Chabab Al Sahel

Ansar  3-2 Akhaa Ahly Alay

Safa  0-1 Racing

Al Chabab Al Ghazieh  4-1 Al Salam Zgharta

Tadamon Sour  1-1 Nejmeh

Al Nabi Sheet  2-5 Tripoli

The standings of the Lebanese league after round 2:

1- Al Chabeb al ghaziye 6 points
2- Al Ahed 4 points
3- Ansar 4 points
4- Racing 4 point
5- Tripoli 3 points
6- Safa 3 points
7- Al Nabi Chit 3 points
8- Salam Zgharta 3 points
9- Tadamon Sour 1 point
10- Nejmeh 1 point
11- Chabeb Al Sahel 1 point
11- Al Akhaa al ahli Alay 0 point

Photo credit: Adnan Hajj Ali