Lebanese Football: Interview with Women U19 Football NT Player Nour Nasrallah

The under 19 Lebanese women football national team, is going to participate in the qualifiers of the 2015 AFC U19 women championship, with hopes of qualifying to Asia, and become one of the best teams.

The Lebanese national team is loaded with talent, ready to take on the hard challenge, since only coming on top of the group can grant qualification.

Here is an interview with one of the players, Nour Nasrallah, who is getting ready and is excited to take on the challenge.

First of all Nour, how and when did you start playing football, and have you encountered any difficulties in continuing to play?

 I started playing football when I was a 12 year old girl, with my neighbors and cousins until i found out about shooters club in zouk. That is the moment that kick started my football career. Many chances came along, in 2012 I was called up for the national team but didn’t have the chance to go. In fact, I suffered many injuries. My ankles were not that solid, and so, I had to work twice harder in order to be where I am today.

As we know, you play for Al Sadaka Division 1 football team, and now with the national team also. 
How often do you train and how do you manage playing football far from home and studying at the same time?

When there is a will there is a way. I am in love with this game and nothing can make me feel like I do when I have a ball at my feet. As for distance, it was definitely a major issue, but I always used to overcome all difficulties, by managing my time, studying day by day. That is the only way to be able to train 5 times a week far from home.

Are your parents supporting you into pursuing football and is your school offering any kind of encouragement?

My parents were always supportive. They are proud of that their daughter is accomplishing her dream. But on the other hand, they consider school a priority, and if I can’t keep up with studying and playing football, then they would prioritize my studies. As for school, football isn’t really an important activity and that is just disappointing.

Is it your first participation with the national team, so what do you think of your chances of qualifying?

It is indeed the first time I’m given the honor to play for the national team. The teams present in our group are tough competitors, but I trust my girls and I trust the spirit we have. We just need to believe in ourselves in order to accomplish what we have in mind.

What do you think of the women’s football level in Lebanon? And what is your position on the field?

It may come as a shock to many, but some girls in Lebanon play better than boys from the same age. There are always prejudgments about girls playing football, but I find the level pretty high. As of my position, my preference is playing as a central attacking midfielders, but the coach wants me to play on the left wing, since I am pretty fast, and that works just fine with me.

Did a switch from football to futsal ever crossed your mind?

I actually had a futsal season with shooters. But it’s way more different than football. It’s all about tactics and being sneaky, and can never be compared to football. The long passes, through passes, headers, huge green field, those are my passion and it will never disappear even if I play futsal.

What are your targets for the future?

It is difficult for a girl to pursue a football career. But I want to do the thing I love every single day of my life. I want to wake up, train or even be a coach. Everything related to football interests me. As for the near future, I am most probably heading to France and study sports management hopefully.