Lebanese Fencing Federation Honors President Choueiry!

08 Feb. 2017 – The Lebanese fencing federation held a dinner to honor its honorary president Ziad El Choueiry, as he has been recently elected President of the Mediterranean Fencing Confederation.

Many sport figures were there to show their support, such as the president of the youth & sports parliamentary association Simon Abi Ramia, the head of the Olympic Committee Jean Hamam and his vice president Hachem Haidar. The Dekwaneh municipality president Antoine Chakhtoura was also there, in addition to president Jihad Salameh and many others.

First, it was the fencing president Georges Zidan who had a few words to say. He started by explaining that the reason behind honoring president Choueiry was the belief the federation installed in him when they supported him in the elections he won. He also highlighted all the help the newly elect president offered to fencing in Lebanon, while also stating that the federation is studying the opportunity of hosting the 2018 Mediterranean games in Lebanon. Finally, Zidan thanked all who supported and keep on supporting the Lebanese fencing athletes.

Secondly, it was President Choueiry’s turn to speak. He first thanked the federation for the lovely honoring ceremony. Then, he affirmed that when he first got the position, he set two clear goals. The first was to reinforce Lebanon’s position on the world map, and the second is to use his new title in order to help the development of Lebanese fencing. Moreover, he added that his work started 9 years and out of it came many champions on the local, Arab, Asian, Mediterranean and international scenes. He also added that working is not per season but that it was a continuous yearly action, in order to help fencing specifically and sports in Lebanon generally, while hoping that other disciplines develop in the same way. Finally, he confirmed about on going talks with the federation to help Lebanon host the Mediterranean championship.