Lebanese Fencing Championship Results!

01 Feb. 2016 – The Lebanese fencing federation organized a number of fencing competitions at Emile Lahoud Stadium, that date back to 2016 but were postponed to the start of 2017.

In the under 13 girls category, Thea Abou Araj from Mont La Salle won the title, by defeating Ceilia Chammas who’s from the same club. Moreover, the bronze medal was also shared by 2 Mont La Salle players, Tatiana Freini & Yasmine Klakach.

On the other hand, in the men overall category, the Lebanese Army player Mahmoud Ali Ahmad grabbed the gold medal by overcoming Chafic El Khoury, his teammate in the Army. Third place meanwhile was shared by Mont La Salle’s Imad Nahas and the Army’s Raed Bou Karoum.

Finally, in the men overall foil category, Mahmoud Ali Ahmad was able to also get away with the gold medal by defeating Chafic El Khoury in another final between the two. Ramy Baydoun & Raed Bou Karoum finished in third place.