Lebanese Drifting Championship Round 4 Results.

16 Aug. 2016 – ATCL organized the 4th round of the Lebanese Drifting Championship, in Wardeh – Kfardebian, in collaboration with Kfardebian’s Municipality. 42 cars participated in the 4th round of this year’s event. The referees were Mustafa Fakhry, Michel Haroutnian, and Michel El Rayyes.

The Results were as follows:


  1. Mashaal Kawkab
  2. Kifah Hilal
  3. Abd Kahwaji



  1. Souhail Ayyoubi
  2. Mario Klaiani
  3. Maher Abdel Samad


At long last, Gaby Kreiker the Director of the Motorsports committee in ATCL, Walid Beaino the sports manager in the Kfardebian Municipality, Elie Ghanem the director of the race, alongside the referees and  Wassim Mehanna the town’s mayor presented the trophies and medals to the winners.